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About Banana Plant life:: About Banana Tree

Banana Plant life. Bananas are herbaceous Plant life for instance fruit that arises from the region regarding Southeast Asia. The plant is then spread to be able to Africa (Madagascar), South and Key America.
Bananas are separated into several sorts:
Bananas are ingested without cooking the fruit M. paradisiacal vary Sapient, M. nana or also referred to as M. Cavendish, M. saneness. For example bananas, milk, king, Cavendish, brainpan.
Bananas are ingested after cooked berry is M. paradisiacal forma common or called Meters. paradisiacal normalizes. For example, banana jackfruit, horn and kapok.
Bananas have seed that M. brachycarpa the leaves found in Indonesia. For example, bananas and klutuk natural stone.
Bananas are taken for instance banana fiber manila (abaca).
Benefits of Banana Plant life

Bananas are a really nutritious fruit this is a source of vitamin supplements, minerals and furthermore carbs. Banana used as table fruit, sale banana, mashed banana and banana flour. Banana peels enables you to make the vinegar from the process alcoholic fermentation and acetic acid. As with banana leaves used packer. Abaca stems refined into fiber for clothing, paper etc... Banana stems that had a tiny cut and banana leaves can be utilized as animal nourish ruminants (lamb, goats) through the dry season if the grass no and less available. Traditionally, water kapok banana stem tubers used being a remedy dysentery digestive tract and bleeding even though the water is used being a remedy banana comes urinary pain and detoxification.

Sentara planting

Almost in every place can be effortlessly noticed banana crops. It is not known exactly how substantial banana plantations inside Indonesia. Despite the fact that Indonesia is one tropical country are usually supplying banana refreshing / dried to be able to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Arabia, Australia, the State Netherlands, the United Declares and France. The biggest move value in 1997 is always to China.

Planting techniques

Spacing is wide enough so your banana Plant life inside the first three weeks allows use intercropping showing / crop church aisle between banana crops. Crop intercropping / alley may be vegetables or seasons crops. In most with the banana plantations approximately high rainfall, bananas grown along with crops of java, cocoa, coconut and areca crazy. In western Of india, bananas for move planted permanently together with coconut.

Maintenance Fruit

Heart bananas which were within 25 cm with the last pieces being cut comb in which fruit growth had not been inhibited. After expanding banana comb perfect, bunches of bananas wrapped in the clear plastic carrier. Bag polyethylene using a thickness of 0. 5 mm dimension holes were 1. 25 cm. Distance of each and every hole 7. 5 cm. Bag size is in a way that cover 15-45 cm above the the top of comb base and 25 cm under comb bottom end with the fruit. To keep the plant will not fall due fat of bunches, bamboo stalk is supported from the embedded as strong as 30 cm in to the ground.
Banana plants.

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